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Solution SD connect C4 SDnetControl “no signal”


Can the old MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer work with the new XENTRY/DAS, etc.? Here is a case ans solution also, which helps error SDnetControl “no signal”.

2015.12v MB SD C4 software cannot work with 2013 sd connect c4 diagnostic system.

Operating system:
Windows XP

Error interface:
No signal


Self test results:



Go to learn
“How to setup SD C4 software in HDD/ SSD”
Video guide:

Main Steps:
Set date and time same as the current
Step 1 – Run StartKeyCenter
Step 2 – Action to avoid Xentry reactivation
Step 3- Run Get Hardware ID
Step 4 – Run EPC & WIS
Step 5 – Add “license” to registry
Step 6 – Run EPC & WIS with new password
Step 7 – Network setup
Step 8 – Run SDconnect Toolkit
Step 9 – Diagnosis

For details of SD C4 xentry/das, epc, wis activation(setup), pls refer to


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